Current Membership

Credit Union                                                                                                 Member Since

A+ FCU 2015
American Airlines FCU 2000
America’s CU 2002
City CU 2010
CU of Texas 2008
DATCU 2000
Education First FCU 2015
EECU 2000
First Light FCU 2001
First Service CU 2012
Five Point CU 2017
Fort Worth City CU 2010
GECU 2013
Generations FCU 2015
Member Home Loan 2013
Mobility CU 2000
Randolph Brooks FCU 2003
Resource One 2002
SACU 2009
Security Service FCU 2011
Shell Federal CU 2015
Smart Financial CU 2013
Southwest Airlines FCU 2000
TDECU 2012
Texell CU 2015
United Heritage 2013
University FCU 2006

New Membership

Thank you for your interest in the Texas CUREN. Please complete this information.


The Texas CUREN board has elected to charge annual dues to all members. The following annual fee will be charged to each credit union. We will charge the credit union once, no matter how many attend from that company.

Credit Union Member                      $150.00 per calendar year


Please make check payable to Texas CUREN

Send this information and check to:


Attn: Curtis Cole

2430 Shorecrest Dr

Dallas, TX. 75235



Curtis Cole

214.357.5577 x270


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