TX CUREN depends on its Affiliate Members support for successful programs throughout the year. We have four general meetings each year; usually they are pretty much a full day. We provide some type of breakfast snacks and coffee in the morning and a delicious lunch during the meeting! We also have door prizes to keep everyone on their toes during the day. Often time we also pay speakers to attend. This can get expensive, so we ask our Affiliate Member’s to help defray the cost.

So what does it take to be a sponsor?

Well, first you must be a current Affiliate Member (see the Affiliate Membership Application for details).

The cost is $400 for a sponsorship. Gift Cards or other door prizes are not required but always appreciated!

We have 3-4 sponsors for each meeting (Depending on the size, locations, speakers and total costs of the meeting).

Each sponsor gets to have a 10 minute “Infomercial” to introduce themselves and talk about their products and services. These are spread out throughout the meeting.  We will also provide you with a contact list of everyone that attended that particular meeting.

So, with 4 meetings there are only 12-16 sponsorships available each year, sponsorships are limited. For the last couple of years we have been fortunate to have many requests for sponsorships and have to put some off until the next year (a nice problem to have, right?).  So if you miss a slot this year, please donate some door prizes! (You can put your business card and other promotional items with the door prize)

If you are interested in sponsoring, please submit your company information to:

Curtis Cole, Treasurer


Upon confirmation, please make $400 check payable to Texas CUREN

Send this information and check to:


Attn: Curtis Cole

2430 Shorecrest Dr

Dallas, TX. 75235

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