Affiliate Membership

Current Affiliate Members

AAG Wholesale 2014
Accenture Mortgage Cadence 2011
Arch Mortgage Insurance 2000
Baird Law 2013
Beadles, Newman & Lawler 2006
Black Mann & Graham 2011
Caliber Fundings LLC 2014
Certified Funding, L.P. 2002
Cornerstone Home Lending 2012
Credit Union Appraisal Svcs 2015
CU Members Mortgage/Colonial 2000
D&H 2012
Data Facts 2013
Essent Guaranty 2012
Genworth Financial 2011
Member First Mortgage 2015
MGIC 2015
New Vista Solutions 2012
Patten Law Firm 2013
Polunsky Beitel Green LLP 2013
Radian Guaranty 2015
Robertson Anschutz Vetters 2011
Ruth Ruhl PC 2010
Sente Mortgage 2014
Sierra Pacific 2015
Simplified Lending Solutions 2014
Stonegate Mortgage Corp. 2015
SWBC Lending Solutions 2014
United Guaranty 2012
Vendor Resource Management 2012

Application for Affiliate Membership

Please complete this information and remit dues. Your application will be presented to the Texas CUREN Board of Directors for approval. The Texas CUREN is not a platform for solicitation, but an educational forum. To promote your organization, please contact the Texas CUREN Board for sponsorship. All Affiliate members must be voted on by the Board of Directors. All Affiliate members must be currently providing services to credit unions. Thank you for your interest in the Texas CUREN.


The Texas CUREN board has elected to charge annual dues to all members. The following annual fee will be charged to each credit union and or affiliate member. We will charge the credit union or affiliate once, no matter how many attend from that company.

Affiliate Member*                             $200.00 per calendar year

*All new Affiliate members must be voted on by the Board of Directors.


Please make check payable to Texas CUREN

Send this information and check to:

Debby Barnett, Treasurer

Attn: Debby Barnett

PO Box 469046

Garland, TX. 75046-9046

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